Volodymyr Kustlyvy


Work experience

My work experience spans U.S., Germany, and Canada. I currently live in the beautiful British Columbia where I am helping founders build and scale technology startups. Here are some of the cool things I was a part of:

Professional summary

I am a tech enthusiast with 10 years of experience across business operations, strategy, product marketing and communication, at companies large and small. I’m not actively looking for a new role.
I take ownership and pride in what I do. I approach problems with pragmatism and enthusiasm: no task is too small or too big. I thrive in cross-functional environments and love to bring clarity to complex and foggy ideas.
I am a linear thinker with a high bar for quality. I've carried products through their entire lifecycle, from vision and strategy to design and development. I excel at fostering conversations and ideas with executives, marketers, and sales to make sure our product feels delightful, relevant, and useful to our customers.
I bring a deep understanding of market dynamics, public markets, visual communication and technology. I enjoy close collaboration with marketers and creatives to frame and communicate product value through effective messaging that resonates with both customers and investors.
Growing up watching my dad write some funky C# code, I developed a strong curiosity for engineering. I can read and (with ChatGPT) write code. I’ve built many websites on my own using different CMS platforms. Using Python and the OpenAI API, I’ve fine-tuned AI models and created various products with low-code tools. My approach to engineering projects is purposeful, inclusive, and direct. It is only fair of me to ask you to offer the best solution if I clearly explain the need and the challenge.